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Security Structures, Inc.
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Financial Highlights

Investing in Luxury Bunkers™ and Bunker Homes™ is the best investment a family can make for physical security. Not only are you investing in security and safety for the next several generations of your family, you are investing in real property that increases in value over time. Our company's equity is the best investment for a portfolio, considering real property, due to the appreciation of the equity as our company increases revenue and profits developing our American Security Structures™.

Security Structures, Inc. is seeking private capital to fund our business plan to build luxury Bunker Homes™. Our Secured Real Estate Developments are targeted toward multifaceted individuals and corporations. Our proposed luxury Security Structures™, Bunker Homes™ and Luxury Bunkers™ are a new concept (main home, investment or vacation getaway) for providing physical security in a changing and uncertain world. We are forging a new path by providing a luxury level of safety and security through turnkey concepts that have not before been offered to the general public. Our industrial and military grade bunker construction is unique. At the highest level, our concept is to provide a physical insurance policy for those that understand the past and realize the possibilities of the future.

Our developments will consist of large luxury homes with an ultra-secure bunker complex that flows between levels, hidden from public view outside of densely populated areas. Make no mistake, these structures will be well appointed, built for comfort and possess all the amenities of a typical primary luxury home – but they are fortified with the capability to withstand any event caused by man or Mother Nature. These structures can be fully utilized for daily living without wasted space and are designed to be the ultimate home. More detail of the new structures and their amenities can be found in our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).

Invest in Security Structures, Inc.

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We are building for the future. People who do not fully understand their place in the world are not looking at the reality of the world in which we live.
Don't be an ostrich.
What would you do if a pandemic broke out today. Like the Spanish Flu or Bird Flu turned into a human to human influenza? The fact is you don't
have a place to go, you're exposed.
The truth of the matter is in what the Earth has taught us from its history. It doesn't take an Astrophysicists, Biologist or other scientist to understand it's
only a matter of time for crisis.

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