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Security as the Most Important Thing

What Real Security Means in Today's World

A Physical Insurance Policy for the Best Protection - Developed Real Estate That is Secure

The typical residential real estate development is a home and a small piece of land that is not secure and just another cookie cutter home. People should think deeply about what history has taught us and realize how fragile we are as mammals living on a rock in space. Think about what good and bad both mother nature and mankind has brought us in the past (and future to come) and how we can prepare when history must make its inevitable marks. Most people can't image their exposure in the world but Security Structures, Inc. is at the forefront of an immediate and long term (generational) security need.

Consider that the new modern era has been around for about 70 years. As we enter into the 21st century and beyond life is going to get more interesting in more ways than the vast majority of people currently imagine and things will happen at a more rapid pace just like the expansion of the universe itself. Change is happening and circumstance is changing more rapidly than ever in world history. Technology is moving faster and faster and more and more people, good and bad, have access to advancing technologies.

Our nature as humans is optimism and simplicity. A Physical Insurance Policy in the form of a Bunker Home can be priceless. We generally think of the world as a place to live free and prosper with minimal disruption to our daily lives. The world isn't about to end nor is the world going to be ruled by any other species. From the beginning of time the world goes through major changes from time to time. Today our lives are almost completely reliant on the use of smart technology, a connected grid reliant with reliance on electricity all of which is extremely vulnerable in more ways than most of us ever consider. We do have to take a look beyond our basic life style and the great technological world we live in as we haven't enjoyed such a comfortable way of life for but a fraction of earth-history time. People are instinctual and pragmatic creatures and are driven by the psychology of personal safety and self preservation first and foremost. Whether the life saving need for a security structure arises today or 500 years from now it doesn't matter because a peace of mind is priceless. Having the ultimate in security is priceless. Congress and the President have their bunker compounds but what do you have?

People that can afford it are increasingly taking extensive security measures to manage uncontrollable threats to person and property. We offer turnkey properties that are developed and sold to buyers that want the ultimate security for their family. Many of the developments will be in profiled areas for the best in scenery, security and accessibility which means most developments will be in areas of rolling hills, foothills and mountainous areas. From Georgia to Maine to Washington to Socal and many places in-between.

More to come......

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Security as the Most Important Thing

Home About Catalyst


Company Overview Industry Investors Contact
We are building for the future. People who do not fully understand their place in the world are not looking at the reality of the world in which we live.
Don't be an ostrich.
What would you do if a pandemic broke out today. Like the Spanish Flu or Bird Flu turned into a human to human influenza? The fact is you don't
have a place to go, you're exposed.
The truth of the matter is in what the Earth has taught us from its history. It doesn't take an Astrophysicists, Biologist or other scientist to understand it's
only a matter of time for crisis.

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