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Safe Rooms / Underground Shelters - Precast, Prefab or Onsite

Overview of Safe Rooms and Survival Shelters

Concrete and Steel Safe Rooms

Safe rooms by comparison to bunkers are designed to be affordable for anyone wanting a piece of mind while having a secure place to call police or monitor their property in crisis or perceived crisis. These are pre-manufactured using various types of materials from titanium to armored steel for inside a home to precast concrete that can be set in place as a stand alone room or an additional room added to a home. These units are easily installed/assembled in an existing home our in new construction. These safe rooms will be primarily targeted at large metropolitan areas where bunkers are least appropriate.

Our safe rooms offer an ideal solution from home invasion to tornado shelters. The safe rooms offer characteristics like bullet resistance, fire resistance, secured communications, flying debris and storage valuables and a few days of food and water. These units are designed for emergency safety occupation for a few seconds to a couple days. A typical unit is around 8' x 10' and are designed to be placed in spare bedrooms, basements, garages, added as an entire room, yards, and even closets. There is great flexibility in the size of each room based on the panels used to assemble the units around the standard door size. General costs for these units range from $3,900 to $25,000. These units do not overlap our precast and prefabricated bunkers proposed as another one of our products.

People are humans and as humans we all have the need to feel safe or have an immediate safe place to go. 99.9% of all people that buy guns never use that gun to defend themselves but they bought that gun to have a greater piece of mind. Our 911 rooms can serve the 120 million existing housing units and can be installed in new home construction and sold as an accessory.

Steel Safe Rooms by State:

We are looking to partner with you to provide the most secure real estate devlopments in the form of Underground Luxury Bunker Homes.

  • Safety in Luxury
  • Secured Bunker Homes
  • Unique Living Concepts
  • Vacation or Fulltime
  • 24/7 Security Access
  • Full Site Security Assessments
  • Ultra Secure Luxury Bunkers
  • On Grid / Off Grid
  • Generational Protection
  • All threats + CBR
  • Above & Underground Bunkers
  • High Quality Materials
  • Best Construction Techniques
  • Long Term Multi Storage
  • 1+ Year Independent Living

Safe Rooms / Underground Shelters - Precast, Prefab or Onsite

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Bunkers Construction Precast/Prefab Jobs Safe Rooms Doors
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