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James Jackson - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Executive developer and constructor with 25 years of experience in various construction sectors. Class “A” Licensed General Contractor (State of Florida DPBR CLIB unlimited w/ reciprocity in most states). Graduate of Auburn’s Architectural Building School. International acumen acquired with Just Japan Construction, Ltd., Nishikamata Ots-ku, and Franklin University Switzerland. Later experience includes owner of a General Contracting firm at risk for 17 years with over$400 million in projects completed. NASA, Airports, Hospitals, Air Force Bases, etc. Operations Officer of the #1 ranked (Solar Power 500) renewable energy utility construction firm in North America.

    • Expertise: Strategic planning, procurement, and execution of construction. PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique), operations, design, structural evaluations, cost protocols, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Natural Resources & Army Corps of Engineers. JOVIX (asset location), PASSPORT (asset location), SPECTRUM (Construction Accounts SW). Budget management, cost-controls and consistent on time delivery of projects under budget.
    • Experience: Developing and Building construction in valuation exceeding 500 Million. Infrastructure placement including power, roadways, water, sewer, drainage, master planning. Commercial Contracting Firm. Supervised a staff of 119 Managers, Estimators, Presentation Teams, Architects, Project Managers & Engineers. Secured Bid, Performance & Payment Bonds. Responsible for profit of competitive work at risk, design-build for both public and private sectors.
    • Partnering between public and private sectors: Expanded relationships with public and private sectors to acquire business for Architectural & Engineering firms. Bid preparation & presentation, privately negotiated work, construction management, unit price and cost plus contracts all performed for both commercial and residential work.
    • Contract Negotiator: Marketed construction services and financing to Health First, MIMA, MRI labs, radiology labs, NASA “clean rooms” for geosynchronous satellites, aircraft hangars for T-38 Talons, & various public projects.
    • International businessman: Partnered with Elf’s French construction subsidiary, Constructa Societe de Services Immonbiliers, allowing his corporation to manage marketing and construction of 8 multi-development family condos and 438 custom-built homes. Completely sold in 2.5 years.
    • Environmental Experience: Dept of Environmental Protection, Dept. of Natural Resources, Army Corps of Engineers environmental experience, remediation, permits, infrastructure permits for above projects.
    • Quality Focused: Implemented Kaizen & Lean quality procedures to generate profit and quality assurance measures.

    • Leadership: Provide leadership and vision necessary to ensure companies under myresponsibility have the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and management systems in place to effectively grow and ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

    • Security: US     Government     Security     Clearance.      (Top     Secret     w/     SCI     eligibility)


  • Bachelor's Degree, International Business, Franklin University Switzerland Bachelor's Degree, Building Science, Auburn University
  • Bachelor’s Degree, School of Architecture, Auburn University

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