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Heath Sharbono - Chief Procedural Officer (CPO)

Entrepreneur with years of entrepreneurial experiences. Beginning at 17 years of age, starting a brick mailbox building enterprise out of the trunk of a Crown Victoria, the seeds of what is possible were planted. Not one to traverse the traditional corporate ladder, innovation and entrepreneurship has defined life and experiences to this point and will into the future. A serial entrepreneur driven by an enduring passion to create long term value.

  • Visionary Innovator through foresight, coupled with comprehensive analytics, formulating concepts and ideas most have not conceived in multiple industries. Some innovations have already been initiated, and others are pending specific timing through the basic evolution of industry, the economy, and advancing technologies.
  • Corporate Organization & Strategy professional by executing, examining, studying, researching and following companies in various markets, sectors and industries from small privately held companies to over 2,500 publicly traded companies for 20+ years. In-depth detailing of the operations of public companies by dissecting them with fascination and terror, in real time, while having skin in the game, has been priceless for professional development. A leader that leads from the front by developing strategy through learned experiences; success, failure, imagination and the fundamental understanding of business/people are what underlie longevity.
  • Logistical & Geo Specialist: 10 years of organizational and management experience in mobilizing, planning and directing the movement of products to include the delivery of goods as expedited and on-time; LTL, FTL, air, rail and intermodal. Directed efficient logistical operations, cold and dry warehousing to the delivery of basic consumer goods to help insure a positive impact on corporate bottom lines. Possesses detailed knowledge of all 50 states through cultural, demographic, geographic and topographic specifics to general regulatory propensities of state and local governments.
  • Construction/Building Projects: From a very young age worked on residential construction sites starting at .25 cents per hour. 10+ years of onsite construction and building experience from laborer to equipment operator to supervisor of crews on small and large projects such as Super Kmart’s, Pep Boys, Toys R Us, government buildings and more.
  • Intellectual Property Specialist: With over 19 years’ experience developing intellectual property as a basis for penetrating markets and as a strong, anti-competitive strategy, intellectual property is a core motivator and a learned fundamental of business competency. Starting with the first official company, while working in the WTC (NYC-99’), Network Properties, Inc., there was an immediate realization that intellectual property is the heart and soul of any company looking to dominate over time.
  • Startups: From starting internet-based companies to physical property companies, startups have presented unique challenges that have been overcome time and again. Started several companies most of which were successful with one failed company that provided more of a learning experience than several successes combined.


    • General Studies, Columbia College, focus in P.S., History & Psychology


    • Multiple achievements, accomplishments, medals, and awards over a lifetime. Served in the US Navy.
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