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Ben Shotzberger - Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Victory obsessed senior mentor, team builder and no-fail project strategist with an unrelenting commitment to success without compromising personal or organizational integrity. Strong background in strategic organizational alignment, operations, change management and process formulation. Well versed in stand-ups, shut-downs and turn-arounds.

    • Executive Leader. Led geographically diverse staff of 700+ Senior Advisors, Liaison Officers and office personnel in future planning, setting work priorities, determining resource allocations, and ensuring all office, Departmental and interagency objectives were addressed.
    • Coalition Forger. Mentored actionable strategic-level relationships between top executives of Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Defense (DoD) in the only formalized 2-3 star policy-level collaborative forum between agencies. Developed and implemented tools, methodologies and formal mechanisms to enable decision-making, resource and intelligence sharing.
    • Trusted Counselor. Tapped as technology and policy subject matter expert to serve on multi- agency White House advisory panel tasked with promoting research and development of smart-gun and other technologies.
    • Organizational Realignment. Developed, championed and led highly controversial risk/benefit analysis and action plan realigning 60% of mission critical senior positions. No negative impact to personnel, readiness or operations. Passed independent audit with plan highlighted as “exemplar” of effective use of authorized hiring programs, expanded to other Components of DHS.
    • Risk Mitigation. Established workforce restructuring, communications and shut-down plans to address sustainability concerns resulting from a 30% across-the-board budget cut, 38% mandated staff reduction, and closure of two satellite facilities. Protected operational readiness level in spite of reductions.
    • Process Refinement. Developed, piloted and launched new assessment tool for prioritizing company bids on classified federal contracts. In six-month period, decreased overall bids submitted by 40%, decreased resources-spent per bid by 50%, increased bid win-rate by 30%.
    • Crisis De-escalation. Managed urgent/sensitive situation during high-profile international event. Created and implemented action plan which avoided negative exposure while protecting reputations of multiple federal agencies.

    • Program Assurance. Re-envisioned $37M portfolio of projects encompassing physical security measures for the White House Complex and surrounding offices.

    • Pioneer. Co-developed and launched $15M new-start initiative driving successfulcollaboration and resource sharing across seven operational and twenty support Components of DHS.

Education / Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree, History, The Citadel; The Military College of South Carolina
  • Project Management Institute (PMI), Project Management Professional(PMP) Honors / Awards
  • Director’s Commendation; United States Secret Service
  • Letter of Commendation; Military Advisor to the Secretary, DHS
  • Letter of Commendation; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense
  • Integration and Defense Support of Civil Authorities, DoD Under Secretary’s Award for Leadership, DHS Science & Technology Directorate Under Secretary’s Award for Collaboration, DHS Science & Technology Directorate

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