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High Security Doors and Entrances

Highly secured doors are an essential part of every dwelling occupied by people. 30 years ago many people didn't even lock their doors at night but into the future doors are going to change rapidly. 97% of all doors on all structures including homes and businesses can be kicked in or entered with the aid of a sledge hammer or crow bar within seconds. Our company sees a large market for a new types of doors with the emphasis on security. These access openings/entrances will range from medium security to high security.

These entry proof accesses will fit everything from a regular home to the entrance/exit of a high security bunker. In addition, we plan to offer security windows to complete our full range of security products for new or existing homes. The prices for these security doors range from $3,500 to $25,000 each. It should be noted that no security door on a home is in any way a replacement for the need of a safe room or bunker.

Blast Doors


The Monster Vault Door

Standard Features:

  • 2" Solid Steel Front Plate
  • 2" Step System Door
  • 1/2" Solid Steel Frame
  • 2 Hour Fire Door
  • 2300° Ceramic Fire Blanket
  • 18-Bolt Locking System
  • 4" x 1 1/2" Fully Rotating Locking Bolts
  • Spy-Proof Lock with Locking Dial. Sargent & Greenleaf & U.L. Listed Group 1
  • 1" 60+ Rockwell Hard plate
  • Internal Release
  • Monster Multi Re-locker (Includes 1ea. Brass Arm & 4ea. Titan)
  • Black, White, Gray, Brown, Green or Burgundy Matte Finish -
    Gloss and Custom Finishes Available
  • Choice of Silver, Gold or Black Pinstripe & Matching Hardware

  • Blast Doors

    American security


    Standard Features:

  • U.L. Listed Group II Lock with massive hard plate and two relocking devices.
  • Spy-proof key-locking dial with matching five-spoke handle, pull handle and bold zinc die-cast logo. Available in polished brass, chrome or black nickel finish.
  • 10 massive 1-1/2" chrome-plated bolts. (Note: no deadbolts required on In-Swing door).
  • Select from four textured finishes (Sandstone, Black-Textured, Granite or Chocolate Brown).
  • Commercial grade, Vault door hinges.
  • 2 Stage Dual fire seals with silicone seal on the door jamb and expandable Palusol seal on the door.
  • Adjustable door frame slides together to fit a wall thickness of 4-3/4" to 9-3/4".
  • Not available as a pour-in frame.
  • Safety Lock Release: allows you to safely exit the vault room from the inside. It also allows you to close and lock the door from the inside when equipped with an electronic lock, turning your vault into a safe room.
  • 2" thick door offers a defense barrier constructed of 1/2" steel plate door combined with 1-3/8" DryLight insulation that provides a barrier against extreme heat.
  • Weight: 819 pounds.
  • Shipping weight: 989 pounds.
  • Minimum opening required: 79.5" H x 35.5" W.
  • Door opening: 77.5" H x 32.25" W.
  • In-Swing Door opening: 77.5" H x 25.19" W

  • More to come...

    • The most durable and entry proof doors coming soon

    We are looking to deliver (turnkey) the most secure real estate devlopments in the form of Luxury Bunker Homes, to you.

    • Safety in Luxury
    • Secured Bunker Homes
    • Unique Living Concepts
    • Vacation or Fulltime
    • 24/7 Security Access
    • Full Site Security Assessments
    • Ultra Secure Luxury Bunkers
    • On Grid / Off Grid
    • Generational Protection
    • All threats + CBR
    • Above & Underground Bunkers
    • High Quality Materials
    • Best Construction Techniques
    • Long Term Multi Storage
    • 1+ Year Independent Living

    Doors for High Sceurity Structures - Bunkers and Safe Rooms

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    Bunkers Construction Precast/Prefab Jobs Safe Rooms Doors
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