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Luxury Bunkers / Mountain Bunkers / Bunker Homes

Residential Bunkers are the Ultra Secure Physical Insurance Policy

Luxury Bunkers as Additions and Bunker Homes as the Future of Housing

Developing the future of housing through new residential home concepts that will be available to the general public. Luxury Bunker Homes are the ultimate for living. Our luxury bunkers are the safest dwellings on Earth.

Bunker Builders

Each property to include:

  • 2-5 sources of electricity with many having on-grid, and each having a mix of solar, underground multi-fuel generators, wind, mechanical battery regenerators and an underground battery storage system
  • Underground fresh water storage of +- 15,000 gallons
  • An air filtration unit and oxygen induction system that can withstand any substance or any air issues and will not be reliant on outside air
  • At least two egress tunnels or escape routes that extend 50 to 200 feet from the primary structure
  • A secured sewer treatment system
  • Liquid fuel tanks (empty, half-life) and solid fuel storage
  • Long term secured storage for medical supplies, food and sensitive survival materials
  • Impenetrable foundations and walls that include enclosed precast sections that  can be all above ground, all below ground
  • Varying options like having one bunkerized room above ground in the daily living space for semblance of normalcy and visibility while still being in lock down mode
  • Hidden access with the doors entrances similar to that of a large gun safe/vault, entry proof and secure to the extent it would take a bunker buster bomb to penetrate
  • Each will be designed to be fully stocked and usable for 1 year without access or need of a grid or any help from others including any governmental entity
  • Each property will have the normal living spaces we enjoy. Upon entry to the home no guest or foe would think the home any different than any other. Appearance of the home to be normal. A home that looks like a tank could be a target
  • A surveillance system with countermeasures

  • Safety in Luxury
  • Secured Bunker Homes
  • Unique Living Concepts
  • Vacation or Fulltime
  • 24/7 Security Access
  • Full Site Security Assessments
  • Ultra Secure Luxury Bunkers
  • On Grid / Off Grid
  • Generational Protection
  • Luxury Bunker Co-ops
  • Above & Underground Bunkers
  • High Quality Materials
  • Best Construction Techniques
  • Long Term Multi Storage
  • Secure Independent Living

Luxury Bunkers / Mountain Bunkers / Bunker Homes

Home About Catalyst


Structures Overview Industry Investors Contact
We are building for the future. People who do not fully understand their place in the world are not looking at the reality of the world in which we live.
Don't be an ostrich.
What would you do if a pandemic broke out today. Like the Spanish Flu or Bird Flu turned into a human to human influenza? The fact is you don't
have a place to go, you're exposed.
The truth of the matter is in what the Earth has taught us from its history. It doesn't take an Astrophysicists, Biologist or other scientist to understand it's
only a matter of time for crisis.

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