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Our goal is to produce the best product, in a timely manner, at the lowest possible cost to serve the needs of clients. We are always improving all aspects of our company. Many companies get bogged down lose sight of their higher goals and stop innovating in ways they should while leaving stones unturned. Our organizational skills and abilities are not limited to technology and people. The ability to continually create, develop, learn and be innovative is not solely ours but a competitive advantage over old school approaches and methods

Bunker Architects

Security Structure's services included as part of each property:

- Undisclosed locations, no descriptive MLS listings, privacy and secrecy (no public showings/tours)
- Threat, hazard, vulnerability and local and regional risk assessment
- All permits and inspections
- Full architectual layout and design
- Full engineering (structural, civil, mechanical and electrical) layout and design
- Site selection with security assessment
- Landscaping to include hidden egress placement
- Fresh water assessment
- Sewer treatment assessment
- Fuel and energy access, supply and replenishment assessment
- Healthy air filtration and injection assessment
- Sustainable alternative energy sources, mechanical regeneration and energy storage system assessment
- Long term resource planning and storage assessment
- Egress tunnels (hidden and secured)
- Private and hidden entrance assessment (heavy duty access vault doors)
- Surveillance system assessment (from thermo imaging to video)
- Providing a feeling of security and comfort assessment

The properties start with 5 base concepts/models that will have 3-5 different designs based on each base model and will offer more models over time. Each model has a different user in mind. For instance, one model is for clients that put more emphasis on a larger daily living space that isn't part of the ultra secure space so that concept may have 3,000 SQFT of normal living space and +-1,500 SQFT of secured living space and 500 SQFT of control and systems room + storage. Another model may have 2,100 SQFT of regular house/living space and 2,500 SQFT of ultra secure bunker area to fit more people with a larger emphasis placed on the number of people and security. Each full floor plan will range from 4,000 SQFT to 7,500 SQFT, generally.

Manhattan properties are currently selling at about $1,700 per sq.ft., Aspen, CO is at about $900 per sqft, Boston is at about $660 per sqft, Los Angeles is at about $475 per sqft and Seattle is at about $476 per sqft. Manhattan, D.C. and other cities are essentially ground zeros. Our properties are prized for many different reasons including location but location with other uses in mind. People in the cities, where most of the money is, will be the largest buyers of our properties. Our properties will sell for between $450-$1250 per sqft with most of them having great views as the ultimate get-a-way.

More to come...

  • Using the latest techniques...

We are looking to deliver (turnkey) the most secure real estate devlopments in the form of Luxury Bunker Homes, to you.

Safety in Colorado

  • Luxury Security Living
  • Secured Home Bunkers
  • Unique Luxury Concepts
  • Vacation or Fulltime Homes
  • 24/7 Security Access
  • Full Site Security Assessments
  • Ultra Secure Bunker Homes
  • Independent from Grid/onGrid
  • Generational Safety
  • Luxury Bunker Co-ops +
  • Above & Underground Bunkers
  • Highest Quality - Turnkey
  • 1+ Year Independent Survival
  • Longterm Storage/Backup
  • Appropriate Pricing

Architecture of Bunker Homes & Properties

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