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With the availability of news and information we are now seeing people starting to become aware of the results of population growth strains to climate change. We see the market we serve in the midst of rapid change due to people having a better understanding of the threats posed now and in the future with the current complacency being replaced in a world that is unpredictable and changing faster than ever. We believe that once our products are introduced to the market place consumers will finally see a great alternative to their current exposure to event risk. We believe everyone will want a safe place to call home if they have the resources. Before there were airplanes nobody thought they needed one, before there were many things people didn't think they needed one.

The Wall Street Journal reports, "Luxury homeowners are increasingly taking James Bond-esque security measures to manage threats ranging from burglars and kidnappers to terror attacks and civil unrest."

The world’s population in expected to expand by 2050 to 9 billion people. What we have learned over the generations is that sometimes when things change that change isn't necessarily overnight but can be rapid. As humans we are generally not prepared for rapid change. However, there are many people beginning to prepare for the reality in which we live. Preparedness in smart economics.

By the nature of our business activities/products, Security Structures, Inc., is inherently a company that operates with discretion, privacy and secrecy for the security of our clients. Our company caters to wealthy individuals and corporations providing them state-of-the-art turnkey Bunker Homes™. Many of our clients will be everyone from entertainers to politicians to VC's that live in highly populated metropolitan areas from New York City to Seattle.

Though many consumers are taking meager actions for security there are other alternatives that are starting to emerge by building high quality bunkers and installing safe rooms. The market is mostly a secretive market since people usually pay cash for larger purchases and may or may not notify there local jurisdiction for installing a small bunker in their backyard. Burying a container or some other type of shelter in your backyard is an alternative for a tornado is easily recognized by others. Many short sited remedies are hardly a solution for any real threat and would lack any sustained comfort. The bottom line is the market size is very hard to analyze so coupling the new housing market to the physical security market one could extrapolate a market that is growing at billions of dollars per year. The new home market is estimated at $190 billion dollars for 2017. The physical security market is expected to grow to $71 billion in 2017. Coupled together we are entering one of the largest markets in the world in dollar terms and are set to take advantage of this market like very few companies.

Security products are growing at all levels: The physical security market includes things like surveillance systems, home security systems and metal detection devices, and is expected to grow for decades to come. Markets and Markets states that the growth of the market is driven by the rise of incidences of terrorist attacks across the globe. A recent article in Inc. notes that; "Consumers are more concerned about security than ever before...It used to be that a strong deadbolt was the end-all be-all of home security. But times have changed. These days, people across the world are investing hard-earned dollars in home security. Systems could range from light sensors or security cameras to a suite of integrated solutions.

The market for our products has no official measurement since it's a new and emerging industry. In 2015 there were 510,000 newly constructed homes. In 2016 the average sale price of a new home was $355,000. The market for new homes will be around $200 billion in 2017. (National Association of Realtors) As of 9/28/17 there was over 5 billion dollars of regular properties at a minimum of $4 million each listed for sale in Colorado alone, on The market for general physical security products and systems was nearly $70 billion in 2016 and is projected to exceed $112 billion by 2021. The US accounts for 50% of the global market. ( Security Structures believes the direct market for our products starts in the billions and could go into the tens of billions as products are introduced to the market place over time.

In 2016 investment and vacation home sales were 1,861,000 properties. (National Association of Realtors).

Citing the IRS and assumptions there are approximately 30 million individuals and families that could afford our high end bunker not include those buying a part of a bunker share. These individuals are our target demographic. From actors/actresses, business owners to politicians millions of Americans deserve the ultimate in physical security. Whether it is a bunker, safe room or one of our other proposed products the demand for personal security will grow regardless of who holds governmental power.

In order to promote and protect our business: Security Structures is working to complete our intellectual property apparatus. Our intellectual property does, at minimum, two things: promotes our business and significantly disrupts our competitors/potential competitors. As an early leader in a rapidly emerging industry of substantial dollar size we have a broad and commanding depth of knowledge of our markets.

People should think deeply about what history has taught us and realize how fragile we are as mammals living on a rock in space. Think about what good and bad both mother nature and mankind has brought us in the past (and future to come) and how we can prepare when history must make its inevitable marks. Most people can't image their exposure in the world but Security Structures, Inc. is at the forefront of an immediate and long term (generational) security need.

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We are looking to partner with you to provide the most secure real estate devlopments in the form of Luxury Bunker Homes.

  • Safety in Luxury
  • Secured Bunker Homes
  • Unique Living Concepts
  • Vacation or Fulltime
  • 24/7 Security Access
  • Full Site Security Assessments
  • Ultra Secure Luxury Bunkers
  • On Grid / Off Grid
  • Generational Protection
  • All threats + CBR
  • Above & Underground Bunkers
  • High Quality Materials
  • Best Construction Techniques
  • Long Term Multi Storage
  • 1+ Year Independent Living

News and Links to Explore the Latest in the World and Industry

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We are building for the future. People who do not fully understand their place in the world are not looking at the reality of the world in which we live.
Don't be an ostrich.
What would you do if a pandemic broke out today. Like the Spanish Flu or Bird Flu turned into a human to human influenza? The fact is you don't
have a place to go, you're exposed.
The truth of the matter is in what the Earth has taught us from its history. It doesn't take an Atrophysists, Biologist or other scientist to understand it's
only a matter of time for crisis.

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