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Security Structure's services included as part of each property:

- Undisclosed locations, no descriptive MLS listings, privacy and secrecy (no public showings/tours)
- Threat, hazard, vulnerability and local and regional risk assessment
- All permits and inspections
- Full architectual layout and design
- Full engineering (structural, civil, mechanical and electrical) layout and design
- Site selection with security assessment
- Landscaping to include hidden egress placement
- Fresh water assessment
- Sewer treatment assessment
- Fuel and energy access, supply and replenishment assessment
- Healthy air filtration and injection assessment
- Sustainable alternative energy sources, mechanical regeneration and energy storage system assessment
- Long term resource planning and storage assessment
- Egress tunnels (hidden and secured)
- Private and hidden entrance assessment (heavy duty access vault doors)
- Surveillance system assessment (from thermo imaging to video)
- Providing a feeling of security and comfort assessment

Each real property shall include:

  • 2-5 sources of electricity with many having on-grid, and each having a mix of solar, underground multi-fuel generators, wind, mechanical battery regenerators and an underground battery storage system 
  • Underground fresh water storage of +- 20,000 gallons
  • An air filtration unit and oxygen induction system that can withstand any substance or any air issues and will not be reliant on outside air
  • At least two egress tunnels or escape routes that extend 50 to 200 feet from the primary structure
  • A secured sewer treatment system
  • Liquid fuel tanks (empty, half-life) and solid fuel storage
  • Long term secured storage for medical supplies, food and sensitive survival materials
  • Impenetrable foundations and walls that include enclosed precast sections that  can be all above ground, all below ground
  • Varying options like having one bunkerized room above ground in the daily living space for semblance of normalcy and visibility while still being in lock down mode
  • Hidden access with the doors entrances similar to that of a large gun safe/vault, entry proof and secure to the extent it would take a bunker buster bomb to penetrate
  • Each will be designed and ready to be fully stocked and usable for 1 year without access or need of a grid or any help from others including any governmental entity
  • Each property will have the normal living spaces we enjoy. Upon entry to the home no guest or foe would think the home any different than any other. Appearance of the home to be normal. A home that looks like a tank could be a target
  • A surveillance system with countermeasures

Using the latest techniques, technology and a company that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week except for major holidays we will meet the goals set. Additionally, much of each structure will be produced off site at predetermined locations. From the precast concrete panels to the wall frames to tongue-and-groove floors and walls, everything is planned out to advance productivity saving precious time and adding to our bottom line without sacrificing quality.

The properties will have 5 base models that will have 3-5 different designs based on each base model and will offer more models over time. Each model has a different user in mind. For instance, one model is for clients that put more emphasis on a larger daily living space that isn't part of the ultra secure space so that concept may have 4,000 sqft of normal living space and only 1,000 sqft of secured living space and 500 sqft of control and systems room + storage. Another model may have 2,100 sqft of regular house/living space and 2,500 sqft of ultra secure bunker area to fit more people with a larger emphasis placed on the number of people and use. The floor plans will range from 3,500 sqft to 6,500 sqft.

More to come...

  • Using the latest techniques...

We encourage anyone that has not sought to prepare themselves and their family, to do so.

  • Luxury Security Living
  • Secured Home Bunkers
  • Unique Luxury Concepts
  • Vacation or Fulltime Homes
  • 24/7 Security Access
  • Full Site Security Assessments
  • Ultra Secure Bunker Homes
  • Independent from Grid/onGrid
  • Generational Safety
  • All Threats + CBR +
  • Above & Underground Bunkers
  • Highest Quality - Turnkey
  • 1+ Year Independent Survival
  • Longterm Storage/Backup
  • Appropriate Pricing

Architecture of Bunker Homes & Properties


Diverse, strategic and comprehensive - Be Part of Something Great; Travel to cool places, build neat structures, work with great people: 

  • Follow the money, we build security structures (bunkers - homes) in several places throughout the United States

  • We offer TOP PAY for the best labor force. We like to get things done fast and pay good money for quality

  • Our jobs run all year round - In the summer time we have projects in high elevations like CO & NY but in winter we are in places like TN & CA

  • Our company hires people with good attitudes and those looking to contribute as a team. We do not tolerate silliness or non-sense

  • Talent and dedication allows you to move up the ranks to leadership and/or management positions

  • Being able to work with others and manage tasks and support others around you is key. We watch each others backs

  • Safety is the most important factor on our job sites/developments. You must watch each others back and be safe, nobody is their own boss or dictator

About Security


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Home > Security Structures: Bunkers, Safe Rooms / Shelters
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